Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mario Mushroom Cherry Popcorn Birthday Cake

Just made a birthday cake for my Super Mario Bros obsessed son whose birthday it is tomorrow!

The cake is an experiment - I used a Madeira Cake recipe from the Be-Ro book and added popcorn and glaze cherries to the mixture.

I baked it in a "house shaped" cake tin and trimmed the corners off to make it into a mushroom / toodstool shape after the cake was baked.

Then I covered it in rolled out marzipan (to save having to do a crumb-coat) and iced it with green butter-cream frosting and white royal icing.

We've tried the off cuts of the cherry popcorn cake - tastes lovely. A little bit chewy and unusual but yummy!

We are off to buy some wrapping paper and birthday candles now!

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