Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Clock Patience Housework

I have made an adaptation of the game of "Clock Patience", so you can spice up making progress (not perfection!) in your house the FLYLADY way!! Just play this game and make it as long or short as you have time for.Use a timer so you don't get sidetracked.

All you need is a pack of playing cards! If you don't have a pack of cards, use this online version!

Do you know how to play Clock Patience? Here's how, in case you forgot:

Shuffle the pack, lay out the cards in a circle. Imagine an analogue (not digital) clock face - Start by placing one card at 12 o clock, one at 3 o clock, one at 6 o clock and one at 9 o clock, then fill in the other numbers so you will have 12 piles, 1 for each number on the clock. The last 4 cards go in the middle.

Start by turning over 1 card in the middle. If it's an ACE place it at 1 o clock, then get a card from that pile. If it's a 2, place it at 2 o clock etc. Jack is 11 o clock and Queen is 12 o clock. King goes in the middle.

My variation: If you get a HEART card, it means you will get a little task to do in the KITCHEN. The key is below!

HEARTS = Kitchen    DIAMONDS = Bedroom    CLUBS = Bathroom   SPADES = Living Room

Ace: Put something away / unload (Laundry / dishwasher)
2: Wash something / Load
3: Wipe something
4: Vacuum
5: Mop
6: Polish something
7: 27 Fling Boogie
8: De-Clutter 1 drawer / shelf
9: Change something! (Bedding/binbags/picture/throw/towels)
10: Dust something
Jack: Collect (dirty pots / dirty laundry / toys)
Queen: Pick up
King: Have a break and drink your water! Why not be creative and make a bento?

Example: I picked the 7 of Spades so I have to do a 27 Fling Boogie in my Living Room!

Short version! Just go to the virtual pack of cards and pick a few cards and see what you can get done. You never know, you might get 4 KINGS and end up with 4 lovely long breaks! hehe :o)

Struggling to find things to wipe? Here are some suggestions: anything that is a horizontal surface - shelves, tables, stands, inside your cutlery drawer!
anything that is a vertical surface - windows, screens, doors, cupboards

Remember you are not doing everything, just one little task per card. It's meant to be fun, just see what you can get done and how fast, until you get a KING - then you get to have a rest!! Your kids might even be able to help with some of these - EG let them turn over the cards / shuffle / pick the cards for you!

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