Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Make a difference to your home in 10 mins

Wednesday One Minute Wonder Jobs

Spend 1 minute on each of these little tasks - do not spend longer than 1 minute and do not be a perfectionist!

What you will need:
A clean damp cloth,
Paper towels,
Limescale remover spray,
An old toothbrush,
A scourer and washing up liquid or kitchen spray,
Fresh hand towels

1. Wipe kitchen tiles at the back of the cooker
2. Scrub the cooker hob top
3. Clean the crumbs out of the cutlery drawer
4. Use limescale remover on the kitchen and bathroom taps and scrub with toothbrush
5. Wipe inside the microwave and wash the glass plate
6. Wipe 1 shelf of your fridge
7. Start a shopping list of the bathroom supplies that need to be replenished
8. Wash your hairbrush!
9. Put the bathmat in the washer
10. Change your bathroom handtowels

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