Friday, 12 March 2010

I now have Nori!

For the first time ever in my life I found and bought a pack of Nori, dry roasted seaweed! It is called "Seetang" in German. I went to a big supermarket in the town and was amazed to find it AND I got some wasabi peanuts and some Surimi processed fish -  "crabsticks" as we used to call them, back in the day when you could buy them "ready to eat" from Rotherham indoor market! I also managed to get some tinned vegetarian ravioli, some proper Heinz baked beans in tomato sauce and I got a "4 for 3" offer on some mini cute tins of sweetcorn. The oven is still not working, unless we run an extension from the bathroom so I'm glad I bought 3 tins of the ravioli! I also got some chocolate sauce that you drizzle onto ice-cream and then it goes hard and crispy and crackly. Just for a treat! The Nori was 3 euros for 25 sheets. I get 80 wet wipes for 1 euro. So I hope the seaweed tastes better!! Not tried it yet! It was too late when we got back to start messing about in the kitchen on top of feeding the kids and getting them bathed and into bed. I'm falling asleep now. I am looking forward to making my next bento, especially seeing as I will not have to demolish any more Aubergines, for their skin! :o)   The seaweed is a lot greener than I thought it would be. It always looks black in photos I have seen. Maybe it darkens when it gets damp from the rice. We'll have to see. The possibilities are endless now - I can have another go at sushi and I can try to do nicer faces on the charaben characters too.

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