Thursday, 25 February 2010

Wordpress Plugins Ebay and Amazon

One amazing thing you can do with a Wordpress Plugin and Facebook is to get the EbayRSS wordpress plugin download from here
which lets you choose which ebay products you want to sell using your Ebay partner network affiliate scheme ID, and injects them into your Wordpress blog post. Then by importing your blog into your Facebook "notes" page you can have a Shop open on Facebook too.

There is an Amazon Wordpress Plugin now (just became avail in the last 30 mins) that does a similar thing to the Ebay one:
coded by the same guy Bobbyjason. I don't know if this works off the RSS feed too, but on this one you can type the actual keywords into your blog. I have this and am currently using it on my Wordpress blog (Bento Box) and i think it is awesome. You can even choose how many to display so you can be nice and subtle and only sell things which are related to your hobby or blog post without "feeling dirty" for trying to sell something completely unrelated. I am an affiliate marketer, I usually affiliate sell Bento Boxes to accompany my hobby (Bento Making), but seeing as this is a Clickbank product I have signed up so I can also get half my money back if someone else buys it(!) Call me cheeky! Although really it is certainly already worth the price he is charging! You can also import your WP blog into Facebook and sell your Amazon/ebay stuff on there too. If you buy the Amazon Monetiz0r you can have the Ebay one for free, it says so right here: .

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